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Transformer Pumps Repair and Rebuild

M.A.R. Inc., is a mechanical and electrical repair shop located in central Florida. Established in 1990, Mechanical Analysis and Resource now specializes in the reconditioning and repair of transformer Oil Pumps, Valves and related accessories. With a proven record of reliability, today M.A.R. Inc. has hundreds of transformer oil pumps in service nationwide.

All pumps and valves are reconditioned to meet the most demanding specifications, and are rebuilt to strict quality control standards. Each pump and valve is inspected, checked, test ran, and pressure checked to ensure compliance with customer's requirements before it is delivered.

Some of the brands of pumps repaired and rebuilt in our shop includes GE, Cardinal, Westinghouse, and Ingersoll Rand. All major rebuilds include rewinding the stator, manufacturing new sleeve bearings, furnishing and installation of  new connectors, and new O ring seals. The pumps are tested and pressure checked. Most transformer pumps are available for exchange, for a rebuild able core.
 For more information on transformer pumps, repair and or rebuilds, questions or comments please call us at (407) 339-9655.


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